Germ-Fogger™ from Portland Kettle WorksGerm-Fogger™ from Portland Kettle Works
Germ-Fogger™ from Portland Kettle WorksGerm-Fogger™ from Portland Kettle Works
Germ-Fogger™ In Office SpaceGerm-Fogger™ In Office Space
Germ-Fogger™: Two Heads Are Better Than One!Germ-Fogger™ Dual Wand
Germ-Fogger™ at PDX AirportGerm-Fogger™ at PDX Airport
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Germ-Fogger™ System Introduction

Watch this short video for a quick look at the Germ-Fogger in action.


Germ-Fogger™ is an American-made disinfecting fogger, with NEW vortecular™ technology that delivers EPA registered disinfecting agents to efficiently sanitize even the largest surfaces to the highest US Center for Disease Control application standards.

Germ-Fogger™ Quick Quote

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What makes Germ-Fogger™ unique? Germ-Fogger has:

One or two spraying wands

Up to 150′ hose, giving an over 71,000 sq.ft. operating area

5 gallon disinfecting agent tank

Made in U.S.A.

As a result, Germ-Fogger is exactly what you expect: American Made quality in a sturdy, industrial machine that will serve you for years to come. 

Germ Fogger Double Spray Gun

Germ-Fogger™ is the state of the art disinfecting agent atomizing system that employs vortecular™ spray control for more consistent application of EPA approved disinfecting agents. Uniquely designed to support one or two independent sprayers, Germ-Fogger is perfect in precise application challenges and for bulk disinfecting of floors, wall, countertops and all high touch surfaces. Ideal in the era of COVID-19, one or two operators with Germ-Fogger™ and tanks of EPA registered disinfecting agents can disinfect thousands of square feet of surfaces in record time.

Germ Fogger Detail

Germ-Fogger™ is ideal for applying EPA registered disinfecting agents for precision bulk disinfection of all categories of commercial, industrial and government facilities including:

    • Floors
    • Countertops
    • Walls
    • Restrooms
    • Locker rooms
    • Aircraft cabins
    • School buses
    • Train cars
    • Restaurants
    • Bars
    • Daycare facilities
    • Offices
    • And all other high-touch areas…

As a result, with Germ-Fogger™ you just choose your disinfecting agent then use Germ-Fogger to apply it faster and more efficiently than any other sprayer. Germ-Fogger equipment requires minimal operator training. Consequently, Germ-Fogger is here to help you complete your disinfecting work in the fastest, most cost-effective, least stressful way. Just contact us and tell us how we can help.

See the detailed specifications of the Germ-Fogger™.

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You Have Questions. We Have Answers

Can I use Germ-Fogger™ in my facility?

Absolutely. Germ-Fogger can deliver EPA registered disinfecting agents that are safe for use on sensitive equipment and all types of surfaces. And it’s fast! One operator can disinfect thousands of square feet in just a few minutes and with a second spray wand two operators can work even faster.


How does Germ-Fogger differ from backpack sprayers?

Germ-Fogger is superior to backpack sprayers in many ways:

Germ-Fogger eliminates on the job injuries caused when operators must wear 35 to 40 pound backpack sprayers for hours at a time.

Germ fogger applications wands weigh only about 24 oz.

Each GF-005 unit can support 2 independent application wands, allowing twice the rate of disinfecting of backpack sprayers.

The GF-005 has a 5-gallons disinfectant agent container. To keep production moving rapidly additional containers can be pre-mixed. Swapping an empty for a full container takes just seconds.

Germ-Fogger components are sturdy, replaceable and user-serviceable.

Germ-Foggers will last for years, in comparison to plastic backpack units that are prone to breakdown. Beware of expensive sprayers that become disposable if they break.


Does Germ-Fogger™ require any special disinfecting agents?

No. The Germ-Fogger uses widely available EPA registered disinfecting agents. Its 5 gallon capacity mixing and holding tanks means less time mixing, more time spraying and, therefore, you finish the job faster.

Click button for the current list of EPA registered disinfecting agents.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Always follow the disinfecting agent manufacturer’s instructions for safe use.

I work for a major airline. Can we use the Germ-Fogger™ to disinfect aircraft cabins?

Yes. The Germ-Fogger™ cart is narrow and can be easily rolled down the cabin aisle of an airplane, bus or train. As a result, entire cabins can be disinfected in minutes.


Does it take any special training to use the Germ-Fogger™?

The Germ-Fogger™ is easy to use. Watch our training videos, load up your Germ-Fogger with your choice of disinfecting agents and, if you can run a leaf blower, you can be disinfecting like a pro.


Does the Germ-Fogger™ have a warranty?

Yes. The Germ-Fogger™ has a strong warranty. We build them right here in the USA. As a result we’ll be here to stand behind the product and make sure your Germ-Fogger™ provides you with years of service.


Germ-Fogger™ is the industrial-grade solution for applying EPA registered disinfecting agents in quantity disinfecting of all large areas and surfaces.


Germ-Fogger™ is proudly 100% assembled in Portland, Oregon USA from U.S. and imported components.

Thank you for your interest in Germ-Fogger™. Portland Kettle Works, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel craft beer and beverage brewing equipment, owns Germ-Fogger™. Contact Us and one of our sales people will respond to you shortly to discuss your requirements.

Proudly Manufactured In Portland, Oregon USA