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Germ-Fogger™ is looking for great distributors to represent our products. 


We offer:
  • Only Made in the USA products
  • Factory direct support for your clients
  • The best warranty in the industry
  • Highly competitive discount structure 


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All Germ-Fogger™ Product Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice

Thank you for your interest in Germ-Fogger™ Products. Germ-Fogger™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Portland Kettle Works (“PKW”). PKW is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel craft beer and beverage brewing equipment. Contact Us and one of our sales specialists will respond to you shortly to discuss your requirements.

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Germ-Foggers™ are the industrial-grade aerosol spraying solutions to disinfecting all areas and surfaces.

Germ-Foggers™ are proudly 100% assembled in Portland, Oregon USA from U.S. and imported components.

Proudly Manufactured In Portland, Oregon USA