Electrostatic Sprayer Repair

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The Germ-Fogger™ electrostatic disinfecting sprayer diagnostic analysis allows our professional technicians to clean and evaluate your electrostatic sprayer for any required repairs. Our process is designed to get your equipment to us, get it evaluated and inform you of required repairs. We keep you working and make the process of repairing your equipment seamless. And our loaner rental program can help you continue your disinfecting program while we repair your equipment.

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Our Process:

• Inbound Shipping To Our Testing and Repair Facility:
Upon receipt of your order we will send you a pre-paid FedEx shipping label to send your sprayer (up to 15 pounds) to our testing and repair facility.
• Testing and Diagnosis:
Upon receipt your sprayer will be cleaned and tested by our professional technicians.
• Report, Repair Recommendations and Repair Cost Estimate:
Our technicians will provide you with a detailed analysis of your equipment, our recommended repairs and the estimated cost of those repairs.
• Authorize Repair and Return:
You may accept our recommendation and authorize the repairs, at which time we will provide you with a detailed invoice for all repairs, parts and return shipping.
• Decline Repair:
If you decide it’s not worth the cost of recommended repairs we will a) invoice you for return shipping and return the unit to you or b) arrange for your unit to be recycled (no charge).
• Loaner Program:
From start to return repairs typically take two-three weeks depending upon shop loading. We don’t want you left unprotected. If you need to keep working we will send you a Germ-Fogger™ to use while we make repairs to your sprayer. (See Loaner Program Terms and Conditions here)

Repair Now

Still have more questions? Just send in this short form and one of our equipment specialists will be in contact with you within 48 business hours to answer your questions (we will never rent, sell or share your contact information with anyone!).

Terms and Conditions

Equipment to be repaired must be shipped to Portland Kettle Works repair facility freight prepaid.

Return freight charges will be included in the repair quote.

Not all equipment can be repaired. If your equipment is non-repairable you will be notified.

Repair charges and return freight charges must be paid prior to return shipment or in-person equipment pickup.

All repair terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

Germ-Fogger™ is a business unit of Portland Kettle Works (portlandkettleworks.com and portlandkettleworks.mx) one of the world’s leading U.S. based manufacturers of high quality stainless steel equipment for craft brewers, wineries, kombucha brewers, cold brew coffee brewers and other beverages. Suitable for all large area disinfecting applications, Germ-Fogger was developed by Portland Kettle Works to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. One Germ-Fogger can deliver more disinfecting agent onto more surface area in less time than any other disinfecting system.

Germ-Fogger™ is the state of the art disinfecting agent atomizing system that employs vortecular™ spray control for more consistent application. Uniquely designed to support one or two independent sprayers, Germ-Fogger is perfect in precise application challenges and for bulk disinfecting of floors, wall, countertops and all high touch surfaces. Ideal in the era of COVID-19, one or two operators with Germ-Fogger™ can disinfect thousands of square feet of surfaces in record time.