Germ-Fogger™ Equipment Loaner Rental Program

Terms and Conditions

The Germ-Fogger™ Equipment Loaner Rental Program is intended to get you a Germ-Fogger™ loaner unit so that you can continue your disinfection program while your electrostatic sprayer is being repaired. Should you decide to keep your loaner Germ-Fogger™ equipment all rental charges will be applied to the purchase price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To enroll in the equipment loaner program you will be required to make a deposit equivalent to the purchase price of the Germ-Fogger™ you select. Monthly rental charges will then be deducted monthly from that deposit and the balance will be refunded upon return of your loaner equipment. Any rental charges will apply toward the purchase of the Germ-Fogger™ and if your rental charges reach the purchase price of the Germ-Fogger™ unit you will own it outright.

Germ-Fogger™ from Portland Kettle Works
Germ-Fogger Backpack
Germ-Fogger Shoulder Sling

Germ Fogger, LLC (“Germ Fogger”), agrees to rent a Germ-Fogger™ loaner disinfecting system to Customer under the following terms:

1) Germ-Fogger™ will supply Customer with a Germ-Fogger™ disinfecting system loaner system for a weekly rental rate as follows:

Germ-Fogger™ Sling: $100 per week

Germ-Fogger™ Backpack: $130 per week

2) Customer agrees to pay a deposit equal to the current retail price of the selected Germ-Fogger™ equipment.

3) Upon receipt of the deposit the selected Germ-Fogger™ equipment will be shipped to the Customer.

4) At the end of the rental the Customer will notify Germ-Fogger for an RMA number and return the selected Germ-Fogger™ equipment to the return address specified by Germ-Fogger™, insured and freight pre-paid.

5) Upon receipt of the equipment Germ-Fogger™ will inspect and check in the returned equipment. Rent will then be calculated, allowing five (5) business days for outbound and inbound shipping time.

6) Rent calculated will be deducted from the customer’s deposit and the balance refunded to the Customer.

Customer Responsibilities

Customer agrees to use the Germ-Fogger™ equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions and to not make any unauthorized modifications, use unapproved disinfecting agents, misuse, improperly install or improperly maintain the equipment.

Rental Amounts Apply To Purchase

All rental amounts shall apply to the purchase of the selected Germ-Fogger™ equipment. If the amount of rental due exceeds the deposit amount the equipment will be deeded to have been purchased and now fully owned by the Customer with a full warranty from the original date of rental and there will be no requirement to return the equipment.


This rental is offered to Germ-Fogger™ electrostatic repair customers only and is not assignable or transferable to any other party without the express written consent of Germ Fogger™.

Limited Quantities Available

Quantities of equipment available for the Germ-Fogger™ Loaner Rental Progam are limited. No individual customer may have more than ten (10) loaners at one time.

Terms May Change

The terms of the Germ-Fogger™ Loaner Rental Program are subject to change without notice.

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